Beach Resort and Nature Trails

Weekend Get Away

For holiday groups looking to spend a quiet weekend on the beech we have for them specially designed Jungle Safari Tents, equipped with furnished bed rooms and an attached bath. Treat your self to the delicious local cuisine, lounge around the beach during the day with a live barbecue in waiting, enjoy the evening around a fire and yes some music too. Wake up to the rising sun over the Bay of Bengal and opt for a trek to Mahendragiri for the day. @ Mahendragiri guests are provided with tents, sleeping bags and meals. The place offers short treks to the various Temples and in the evening we make a brief climb to Bhima mandir where one sees a panoramic view of the valley below- On the east is the Bay of Bengal and on on the west the hills of the eastern Ghats following through for as far as the eye can see.

Village exchange Program

An excercise in a social Audit

The social Audit of government schemes has been the most significant tool in the hands of those who wish to make their governments accountable. Since most schemes are implemented by the Panchayat it has been seen that where, the social audit has been successful there has been a better utilization of funds.

As part of our Village exchange Program we aim to acquaint the student/participants with the workings of a social Audit with a democratically elected Panchayat.

The school students are made to sit in as stake holders in the Panchayat meeting and will be briefed before hand on the various issues plaguing the place. The students will be a part of the Panchayat Assembly and will vote on a resolution that will be discussed during the meeting.

Any thing but Competition (ABC)

A B C- We invite athletes, sports persons to try our pre season camps. Cross training has always been accepted as a suitable way to de-stress the body and mind. We make our participants perform activities that are far removed from the sport they specialise in. To add to this are the many activates we organise on the beach, the hills. The teams are allowed to bring with them Physio and trainers if they desire to use the beach for specific training purposes.

Also at Mandasa

Visit to Kalingadulla Damn for day long camp by the lake

The paddy farmers of Mandasa are extremely dependent on water as a source of irrigation. The region is fed from the water damned at Kalingadula. What was once a seasonal river has now been damned to create a picturesque lake. A brief trek through fields, forests, and rivulets passing by tiny hamlets takes us to Kalinga Dula. Located at the foot hills of the ghats - a meeting point of the many rivulets that flow down the hills Kaling dula will play host for the afternoon camp. Our guests will be provided with tents, cooked meals and a drop back to the camp site in the evening.

Lunch at the Gandahati Water fall

A 45 minute drive from Mandasa brings us to the Gandahati Water fall. Emerging from the forest and picking up speed on its way before it makes a 60 foot drop the water fall lets out a beautiful cloud of mist, strong winds and a thunderous view of water crashing into rocks. The place is now a popular picnic spot for those wishing to spend an after noon on the banks of the river. The guests will be accompanied with all provisions for a readily cooked meal over wood. In the evening drive back to camp site.

Fishing & Swimming at Gopal Sagar Lake

Gopal Sagar Lake was part of an ancient dam constructed by the rulers to nourish the fields during lean seasons. Today, the lake continues to serve the locals with water for irrigation. For those avid swimmers- we arrange for a boat to take you to the centre of the lake from where you take a dive into the water. The sweetness of the water and the energy it gives is what you’ll take back. Guest may choose to swim to the banks or get back on the boat to begin the slow journey back to the banks. End the swim at the lake with some delicious fish cooked on the banks- caught freshly from the lake. Return to camp site in the evening.



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